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    Always looking for new players. If you like racing, you will love Fantasy Racing on Yahoo. It's a different game than any other site. Here is how is works:

    First off, there is NO Draft NO Bye Weeks, NO Waivers! Everyone playing can use every driver 9 Different times over the 36 race season. All drivers a divided up by how good they were last year into groups of A, B, & C

    There are 9 A Drivers, 18 B drivers, and like 20+ C drivers.

    Each week you must select 8 total drivers. 2x As, 4x Bs & 2x Cs. The 8 Drivers lock for that week the same day as Qualifying usually early Friday morning like 4am Central time. After Qualifying takes place, you will select your starting team for that weeks race of 1x A, 2x Bs, & 1x C. So you can think of the other 4 drivers as your bench which you are sitting that week.

    That's it! The site even let's you set the entire season in advance and change it as you go. You gets points based on how well each of your drivers finish. 1st place gets 90 pts, 2nd place 88 pts and so on going down by 2 pts. If your driver leads a lap, you get 10 bonus pts. The one driver to lead the most gets another 10. That's it. You take your combined score and site ranks you against the other teams in the league

    I do $ b/c too many players in free leagues quit after few races. $ keeps people trying and you can win $ many different ways. I award winner of each session (Spring Summer & Chase), if we can get enough players, I will award top 3 each session. I also award most wins for the season which has nothing to do with how well you finish and if you get in top 3 for season you win the big bucks. And it's all for only $1.39 a week or $50 for 36 week season

    Let me know if you have interested or if you have any questions. I can send you an email invite. League can support 50, and there are about 15 regulars right now, so there is lots of room. And you dont have to like racing to enjoy the league. I could only name 5 drivers before I started this fantasy 4 years ago

    Please give me the best email to send the invite OR you can just go to Yahoo Fantasy Racing, and click JOIN A LEAGUE. My league ID# 265 Password: racing
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    Is this real life right now?
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    This can't be real life.
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  4. RTH

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    Ah, the south...
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    Hey it's in the "other sports" part. I grew up hating racing but Fantasy makes everything better. Don't be hating something you know nothing about. It's the only sport they allow you to bring in your own cooler of alcohol for free

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    Hmmm. The beer part is cool I guess. $8 beers in football stadiums is kinda terrible.
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    It would probably take a cooler of booze to get me to go to a nascar even.
  8. Tennessy XO

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    That is typically what gets everyone else there too.

    I been in the infield at Daytona and Talladega.

    Pretty much debauchery. Awesome rednecks with to much money debauchery
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    The infield of Dega and Daytona are party central. More boobs than I have see in one place for free.
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    I'm not sure those are the kind of boobs I want to see.

    In fact, I know they're not.