Fisher Feels Titans Offense Will Improve in Chow's Second Season

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by, May 25, 2006.

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  1. I think its nothing more than another speech abut how the Titans will be improved, this time next year, we better be talking about how he has lived up to these promises, otherwise I'm sending the King of England to beat him gun or no gun
  2. Fry

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    frankly, i dont think our offense was that bad last year when taking in to consideration the injuries and our crappy o-line.

    people complained about how we threw to the tightends so much underneath. well, those were kind of our running plays. we couldnt get anything going on the ground becase our o-line sucked so bad. so why not just throw it to the tightend for five yards, instead of having brown or henry just run in to a wall of defenders?

    the two things we have to improve on are our redzone offense and short yardage. i think an improved o-line and lendale white will help that tremendously.
  3. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    I hope we are much better.
    At times I feel like we can win 10 games or more. :winker:
    I can't wait to see it. I hope for the Titans
    to show me something early and give me
    reason to swing from the rafters guzzling kool-aid.
  4. I see we're looking at a plus .500 record
  5. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

  6. Nine

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    The offense was pretty abysmal in red zone and 3rd down production last year. However, when it comes to the reasons behind these struggles, Chow's scheme is nowhere near the top of the list.

    In my mind, there were two huge issues:

    Penalties- How many times did we see big plays or scores called back because of a holding penalty? (In '05, Chris Brown had his first three or four TD's of the season nullified by penalties....he didn't get one to stick until week six.) Or how many times did somebody jump on 3rd & short, turning a very makeable first down into a difficult 3rd & long situation?

    Poor run blocking- particularly in short yardage situations, Titans ballcarriers rarely had anywhere to go....they were either hit two yards behind the line of scrimmage, or they ran into a brick wall at the line. The O-line got absolutely zero push, and were consistently unable to open holes or create creases for the running backs. When they weren't getting pushed backward, they were getting stood up at the line and allowing the defense to control the line of scrimmage. The foundation of any good running game is a steady O-line....and last year, that foundation crumbled badly.

    Within a few weeks, rookie OC Norm Chow was being asked to develop a gameplan that accounted for poor O-line play, drive-killing penalties, and inconsistent WR's....which is basically asking for the impossible. Chow came to Nashville with a reputation as a brilliant offensive mind....not a friggin' miracle worker.
  7. GoTitans3801

    GoTitans3801 Forward Progress!

    Amen, Nine.

    And once things went bad, they got worse. Once we were behind, giving up on the running game, we didn't have enough weapons to work with, and ended up dumping to the TEs way too much. I'm hoping our improved WR corps and RBs can keep us out of those situations. There was only so much we could do last year.
  8. Bobo

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    Well we should throw to WR's more to improve the O. Maybe Givens will give us more talent to throw to out there. We were 9th in passing yards last year, but way too little of that was stretching the field. Those short passes just brought the D closer to the LOS and hurt the run game even more.

    I hope Givens and Drew make a nice 1-2 combo. And you'd think with all this competition and talent, a good #3 would arise.
  9. Fry

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    oh, i agree. but you can't throw to something that isnt there. i think chow used his best offensive weapons he had. ty wasnt ready to be a fulltime contributor last year, and with bennett out with the broken thumb for a handful of games, we had two rookie WRs out there.

    combine that with our crap o-line, we didnt have many options.
  10. Bizz21

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    Fisher thinks the offense will be better because Volek will do alot better than most people think. You will soon see my friends...
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