Fitzpatrick will beat Locker in camp with no problem.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by DownSouthPlayer, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. DownSouthPlayer

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    Good thing for Locker , the big boys want him as the starter either way. But Locker better be on his game next year or Bud will get involved.
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  3. Tim

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    Stupid post

    Locker is our guy, we'll go as far as he'll take us
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    Well this hasn't been discussed yet...

    I do question Fitzpatrick beating out Locker though, considering there isn't a competition...
  5. DownSouthPlayer

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    Its no competition, but itll be clear on TV whos the better qb.
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    You're smoking that good good aren't ya?

    Locker is our dude man. Get over it
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  7. DownSouthPlayer

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    This is lockers do or die year. A 1st round pick still below average in his 3rd year. While rookies like russel wilson done blew him by.
  8. pettso

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    I agree that Fitzpatrick will make Locker look bad in preseason. Hope I'm wrong because Fitz isn't very good himself.
  9. Obie09

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    If Locker fails this year at least we have someone to throw out there in 2014 until we find our next potential QB of the future..
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    I'll be the first to admit it agitates me to see all these QB's in the last couple years who have the same experience or less as Locker already passing him by.Back when we drafted Locker i had been talking up Dalton and Kaepernick but Locker was ahead of them on the big board so QB's like Newton,Locker and Gabbert were the surefire first line of QB's to be taken.Both Dalton and Kaepernick were taken after Locker but have been to the playoffs in each of their two seasons and of course Kap has already been to the Super Bowl.This past year there were QB's like Russell Wilson,Andrew Luck and RGIII and of course every single one of those QB's went to the playoffs.

    Now if the preseason is done and Fitz plays better than Locker they will still stick Locker in as starter because both the coach and GM said barring injury that Locker is the starter.Well if Locker gets in and plays pretty good it doesn't matter but if the regular season starts and we start losing close games mainly due to poor play by Locker it won't be long before the coaches go against their rule about Locker being the ironclad starter because their jobs are on the line.Locker may have a higher ceiling when it comes to playing ability but at this point in time Fitzpatrick does have more experience and better playing time.I hope it doesn't come to that but if we are in a hole early in the year recordwise due to poor QB play then i do think Locker gets yanked out and replaced.

    We will field a better team this year on defense and we will have a better offensive line too so if all thats improved and Jake Locker still struggles then it is definitely time to cut our losses and look elsewhere and that also includes Locker getting inured.Like the GM said Jake needs to learn to take better care of himself during gametime and its his responsibility to do that.