For how bad our season was...

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    If you think about, and this may sound like a lot, but it really isn't. If that fumble to the Colts right before the end of regulation is called correctly, automatic Bironas would have won that game. That brings us from 6-10 to 7-9. If we didn't s*** the bed vs possibly the worst team in football the Jags, that brings us from 7-9 to 8-8. If we didn't give up our 20-7 lead vs the Colts at halftime that 2nd go around that brings us from 8-8 to 9-7. We would have been tied with the Colts for the last playoff spot and had the tie breaker for head to head record and would have been in the playoffs.

    I understand almosts and ifs mean nothing, but for how bad everyone thought last season went we really were a refs decision and a couple bad halves away from making the playoffs. With the additions this team made in the offseason I am extremely ready to prove Titans Nation does exist and am ready for the playoffs this year.
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    There is a lot of parity in the league. There often isn't much difference between a 6-10 team and a 10-6 team.
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    That's all very true..

    But on the flip side..

    Bironas game winner against PIT
    Late comeback vs BUF
    OT win vs DET we almost blew

    We really could have been anywhere from 3-13 to 10-6 lol
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    That all my be true, but I can't look past all of those blowout losses.

    Pats 34 Titans 13
    Chargers 38 Titans 10
    Texans 38 Titans 14
    Vikings 30 Titans 7
    Bears 51 Titans 20
    Packers 55 Titans 7

    That 2012 team had no business being in the playoffs. You can't be that noncompetitive in almost half of your games in the NFL.
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    I get where your coming from, and I too don't think we had any business being in the playoffs, but if a couple plays go our way we would be in. Now I'm pretty sure we would have been 1 and done, but I would rather be 1 and done than 6-10.
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    6 blowout losses like that actually disgusts me
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    I just want to be competitive in the tough games this year. I honestly think improving the o-line helps our defense out so much, nobody will realize it until we start playing. We were LAST in time of possession differential last year. Just an offense that can sustain drives now and pick up 3rd & 2's will make such a huge difference.
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    I just don't understand why we always seem to lose against a 2-14 division opponent. Colts in 11 or we would have made the playoffs and Jags this past year, which could have done a lot to keep us in the season.
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    I think its crazy that we can beat teams like the Ravens and Steelers but we lose to the Jags and Colts.

    One more thing if this team has any chance at the postseason they can't be losing games to the Jags and losing both home and away to the Colts
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    Well, it's 7:35 A.M. and my day is officially ruined.
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