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HDTV - a slight return

Discussion in 'Gear' started by Creeping-Cruds, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Luke Smartwater Jedi Master

    McNair 2
    If you want a really good blu ray player you should get the Oppo BDP-93, goes for about $400 and is simply amazing. My second choice would be a Pioneer BDP-320. The BDP-320 is an older model, but it outperforms a lot of newer players and its quality is very good.
  2. bikini_titan Camp Fodder

    Wanting to upgrade my 42 LCD to a 60" whatever. Seems Panasonic and Samsung are the top two in what I can afford. The Pioneer is in a class by itself and always has been. The problem with plasmas' is being in a lighted room. Not as good as the LCD or LED. However, the best bang for the buck with killer color and no blurring action. Trying to pull the plug in the next week or so. Gotta get ready for some football. Since I no longer live in TN, sold all my club and end zone tickets, I now need to be as close to the action as possible and the 60 or 65 inch should do that. lol

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