Henry cut and on his way to Denver....

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by finz50, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. finz50

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  2. Fry

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    how are we getting better again?
  3. RyansTitans

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    Its fun watching our good football team slowly die in a hole.

    --Harold Lewis, who represents defensive lineman Kevin Carter, said his client could visit with Coach Jeff Fisher early next week to discuss a return. The Titans have not inquired about another Lewis client, linebacker Ed Hartwell.

    --The agent for receiver Brandon Stokley, just released by Indianapolis, said the Titans are not a team that will be involved in courting him.

    Are you kidding me?

    Come on Dote where the heck are you

    Henry please get your arse back in Tennesseee
  4. Fry

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    didnt he tear his achillies or something last year? and he really wasnt all that great with the falcons before that.
    http://www.nfl.com/players/playerpage/133424 nuff said
  5. RyansTitans

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    NOOO I diddnt mean I wanted them guys. Im just saying it seems like were staying clear of everyone. I mean jesus at least call Stallworth or Horn or contact Seattle about D-Jack. I really hope we have a plan. I dont wanna go into the season with 1 reciever that I have confidence in (BJ)
  6. Fry

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    just going after people for the hell of it is not the way to do things either.
  7. goTitans.com

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    Henry Cut and to Visit Broncos

    SUMMARY: As expected, RB Travis Henry has been cut by the Titans and is said to be headed to Denver to talk with the Broncos. Henry was scheduled to receive a roster bonus of $8.3 million on Monday that both sides knew would not be paid. The Titans supposedly made an offer to Henry this week but the two sides were not close and both felt allowing Henry to test the market might help set his price with the Titans. Currently the Titans have only LenDale White at RB.

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  8. RyansTitans

    RyansTitans Guest

    yeah but going after no one isent the way to do it either.

    We have holes to fill. And were not attempting anything.

    Like I said before. I seriously hope we have a plan
  9. CHope81

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    what?? i thought we had alot of money to spend on free agents.. and we havent done jack with it. this is garbage
  10. RyansTitans

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    Thats what ive been saying. We got money. Lets spend some. Were sitting here with our hand up our arses releasing Henry and letting 2 of our starting recievers go. And all were talking to is Kevin Carter? You gotta be kidding me.

    No one even say anything cuz you know its true. I dont want none of this "oh just wait its still early"

    NO ITS NOT. When you need players you go after them.

    Wating is going to proove what? That were cheap?

    Its not smart its idiotic. Were going to wait too long and all thats gonna be left is mediocre players.
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