Henry cut and on his way to Denver....

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by finz50, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. ONUV

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    we CAN'T depend on lendale white alone. i know somebody VERY close to the running back situation and lendale is immature and is a POS. Maybe he's done a lot of growing up in the offseason but i doubt it.

    my fear is that some team will overpay for travis. we've already seen some players being overpaid because teams have a lot to spend and the free agent pool isn't good.
  2. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun

    The running back pool actually is one of the deepest out there and I think our FO knew that when they cut Travis. Dominic Rhodes, Ahman Green, Chris Brown, TJ Ducket, Jamal Lewis, Thomas Jones(being shopped), Willis Mcgahee(same) and a fairly deep draft. Oh, and Travis Henry.
  3. ONUV

    ONUV Starter

    yeah i'm not saying that cutting him isn't a smart move. Reinfeldt is a good money guy. i just can't imagine a team relying on lendale white.


    Isn't Corry Dillon available?
  5. PAtitansfan53

    PAtitansfan53 Kush & OJ

    Well if we don't get Travis we better take a look at Green only because the rest are going to want to be the #1 like Mcgahee, Jones, Lewis or are injury prone like Rhodes, Brown and Duckett is worthless.

    Hopefully we resign Henry and Wade. Then we need to make a move at Kerney, and Ian Scott. I'd be ok with getting Green, Kerney, and Scott in FA.

    But so far MR has me lost I don't get what his plan is. He signed a few scrubs and let our top guns go. Why let Henry and Wade go but sign freakin Wand, Woods, and Long. R u serious they won't have a fourth the impact Travis or Wade will combined. Please let Reynolds go if someone offers for him hes a waste and why let Robaire go let big Al go we had a better run d without him.

    This just makes no sense signing mediocre at best backups over guys like Robaire, Henry, and Wade. So far MR is a joke good job. Wheres Floyd he might have signed a decent player by now not a bunch of backups and let or good players walk. All I can say is I'm not impressed and quite PISSED!
  6. ONUV

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    we're playing it safe. we just got out of cap trouble and we don't want to go spending moeny like crazy and get back to where we were.
  7. Ewker

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    ironic that two of the ones listed were Titans earlier this week
  8. I'm sure that if the team isn't confident in White that they will sign somebody who can take over if he can't hack it...
  9. TD10

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    I'm not ready call for the firing of Reinfeld, but I am extremely dissapointed right now. Bennett is understandable, he got way overpaid. We can draft a WR to fill his shoes. Henry was a must have. He is our only proven RB and had a great season last year. Lendale is not ready to take over and we at least need 2 RB's to share time. And why go after Kevin Carter? He is a great guy and was a good player but we let him go 3 years ago because he was too old, he hasn't gotten any younger.
    I know it is early in the FA process, and I still have some hope, but come on Reinfeld, Vince needs some help.
  10. LT21Titans27

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    Unless there is a trade, you cant look at the FA list remaining, say we get 3-4 top playerrs, and even say we have hope, yakno why, whhat did we win with last yr, DEPTH, and guess what, its gone, filling a starting lineup with quality players is important, taht gets you a decent team, a possible playoff team, but great teams have depth, SB teams have depth
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