Here's a good read about Pacman.

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    about henry...personally i think he is an amazing talent....but think bout this...he plays w/ one of the best qbs....and one of the best WRs in chad johson and TJ is IMO the second best 2nd string reciver (after wayne).....and also plays w/ a solid running they cant really focus on him a lot..too busy w/ the otehr three playmakers..and plus slot recievers have more of the field to work w/....puttin him in as a starter might not garner all the sucess u think it will. plus i already like our WRs.....i like b.jones...and i think givens needs a chance w/ young..and i hope bennet returns....but i dont know how all three will play...

    plus he could ruin pacman.... u know deep down inside he wants a jail mate?
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    and Boldin
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