I think someone mentioned a while ago Shady McCoy was the fastest RB in the league

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    Really? A marathon?

    We're talking about short distances... goal line to goal line.

    I post facts. CJ lovers can't believe that someone could be faster than him.

    I don't see how anyone can deny that Charles is faster than CJ. I already said that the 40 yard dash is CJ's expertise and that it's more important and relative when it comes to football. That's simply not my argument here.

    However, the 100m dash is the best race we have to determine speed. That's why Usain Bolt is considered the fastest man alive. Charles runs a faster 100m dash than CJ, but he's not faster than him? That's strange.
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    Exactly. That's what I'm saying.
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    I'm pointing out the fallacy in your argument. To dismiss CJ's 40 time in favor of a longer race where Charles could win, is not a fair argument. Just like using a marathon to gauge football speed is not fair.

    I know CJ is not the fastest man alive. He's probably not the fastest guy in the NFL anymore. Heck, Bo Jackson ran a 4.12 40 back in the day. However, you can't use a distance that is not run in the NFL to decide who is faster.

    And, the 100m dash is not the best race we have to determine speed. It is the best race we have to determine speed over the distance of 100 meters.
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    Well, shady is a fast back that can catch, which you can't say for CJ
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    I'd still say the 100m dash is the best race to determine speed. If it isn't, why is Bolt the fastest man in the world? He's not as good at shorter distances not longer distances, yet he's still considered faster than everyone.

    A football field isn't 100m, but it's only 9 yards difference. CJ is more likely to get caught from behind when he's going for that 80+ yard run while Charles is gone once he gets past 40 yards. When you're specialty is speed like it is with CJ, it is a big deal to get caught from behind a lot. He used to be gone every time he ran outside and got ahead of the safeties. Not necessarily .

    Look, CJ is still a burner. But if you're talking about a faster burner, that would be Charles. He can pick up speed after 40 yards while CJ loses a bit after 40 yards.

    But I agree that overall the 40 is a better barometer of speed in football since its rare that a RB runs beyond that mark all at once.
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    While I do kind of favor the 100m I think a previous poster hit the nail on the head with the 60m as the barometer for pure speed. By 60 meters optimum speed is reached and even though it appears some guys are pulling away, after the 60m mark sprinters are actually decelerating, it's just a matter of who decelerates least.
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    Bolt is called the "fastest man in the world" because the media and track & field community has chosen to give that title to the guy who can run 100m faster than anyone else. The 100m dash is the 'glamour' race of the olympics. Mainly because it is the shortest race. I bet, if the 40 yard dash became an Olympic event, it would become the barometer for naming the fastest man in the world.
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    I think i'd take CJ Spiller over Jamaal Charles.
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    One more thing...

    Track times don't always translate well to the football field. To illustrate this, let me share something from my past. I ran track and competed against Joey Kent when we were in high school. Kent would easily beat me in the 100m (and even 60m) at events. However, when we competed on the football field, I could run him down with little effort. Why? Too many reasons to list. I do think one of the reasons was that I was stronger than Kent, though. With the added weight of pads and running on grass, my strength allowed me to keep my speed while Kent's lack of strength depleted his speed.

    The point? There is absolutely no way you can say that Jamaal Charles is faster than CJ (or vice versa) on the football field by using old race times.
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    If they did things like this people might actually watch the game lol