Joe Flacco's Contract

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  1. Alzarius

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    He got a 30 million signing bonus

    His wife also made 45 million this past year. (not sure what Brees's wife made)

    I didnt gain any respect for someone who basically got a better deal than the one he was already getting.

    This was a fancy restructure, not Brady being a hero. Hes still a douche

    Now if he actually plays out those (or one) of those last 3 years for 9 million, Ill give him a lot of props.

    As for Flacco's contract... LOL. They will definitely regret it, but they did get to live it up this year.

    Edit: If you have not noticed, I am not a fan of Brady.
  2. RavensShallBurn

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    Yea... You're sounding mighty "hateful" towards Mr. Brady like I am with Ray Lewis... C'mon now.

    He's going to play out those final three years. That guaranteed money isn't literally "guaranteed"... Just like we could have gotten out of CJ's deal last year without having to pay anything extra and same with Griffin this year.

    Just because you get "guaranteed" money in a contract, does not mean you see it all. He will have to play those final three years to see all that money.

    Sure, he signed a better deal than what he currently has, but he could've done sooooooo much better. I'm sure his agent was advising him to take a lot more.
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    LOL, as I was typing what I was saying, I was about to say the exact same thing.

    He will get his big chunk of it over the next 2 years (the 30 million)

    No way the Pats cut him, ever, imo.

    I can agree with that.
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    That's all I'm saying. Brees screwed his team. Flacco is going to do the same which I am obviously fine with.

    Peyton is screwing the Broncos too.

    The fact that any pro athlete makes more than a million a year for playing a game is ridiculous to begin with, but we are the ones who make it possible. If any athletes deserve it, football players would be the ones who do. Makes me sick how much stupid baseball and soccer players make. That said, $20M a year is too much for anyone. They're getting well over $1M PER GAME!!! That's stupid. S my C, Brees, Gayton, and Flacco.
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    Flacco played great last year as well. He gets better every year. He almost won the AFC championship game in 2012 for the Ravens by throwing a perfect td pass that was dropped on the last drive of the game against the pats. Then his kicker blew the game by missing a field goal. If the Ravens dont pay him we should! I just see him getting better and better and hes already elite!

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    I'd take Joe Flacco, after all, he did force Deuce Wayne's favorite QB Tyler Palko to leave town when they were in college together.
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    Looks to me like hes still trying to get back to how good he was in his 3rd season.

    Improving every year? No, sorry but no.He had a great playoff run, but its not worth 20 million a year.

    He is not top 5 in any category. He is not worth 20 million a year.

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    If they do this deal it will be the end of the ravens run. He is not elite and with today's cap I do not think you can pay one player 20 million plus and field a winning football team year in and out. Why would you just not franchise him at 14.85 million? Let him play another year and see. He got hot at the right time, but there was a stretch this season that he did not play very well too. He is no Manning, Rogers, or Brady and not even a Drew Brees. He is Eli Manning to me.
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    Stats dont mean that much to me. Ill take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day! Plus watching Flacco in the playoffs prior to last year he just wasnt as clutch as he has been the past two postseasons. I think he elevated his play in the AFC champ game in 2012. His mental toughness has improved and I believe thats what it takes to win a Super Bowl. I would take Flacco right now over Peyton Manning at his peak because when the pressure is on Flacco steps up and makes it happen. 20 million is a lot, but Id take Flacco over Brees or Brady right now. If thats the going rate... pay the man!
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    I'll agree with you that athletes get paid a lot, sure. I'll also agree that some of them don't deserve it either.

    However, look at all 'those' guys in the skyboxes around the world (in this case, the guys who guarantee the money), or 'those' guys who own big a** companies and work kids in factories for billions while they fly around in their jets. Heck, at least athletes are better than Hollywood stars who can make a couple big movies, with no real talent(s) per say really, and be riding on 20M easy...

    I'm OK with athletes being millionaires, they practice their whole life for it and maintain diet, commitment and so forth. ESPECIALLY, when you compare them to 'other' rich folk and what they do / how they got it...

    Ohh and as for your 'soccer' comment, I totally disagree with that. First, its called football. Second, you think competition for NFL is hard, THE WHOLE WORLD plays FOOTBALL and battles for very few spots to be part of premier clubs. The ratio of people who play it and the 'good clubs' or even just 'good team squad spots' is ABSOLUTELY INSANE.

    I played every sport competitively or pretty serious and I got trophies in most too - btw 'soccer' was the hardest....