Let's Give Zach Brown Some Love

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Playmaker, Dec 30, 2012.

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    I think I bashed Brown from the day he was drafted til about a month into the season. I am happy to say I was completely wrong about this guy. Brown and Ayers are my favorite Titans hands down. I really want to get a new DC in here that can maximize these guys potential. I seriously think if we can get a solid MLB we could easily have a top 5 LB unit.
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    I love our LB's. If only McCarthy could stay healthy...
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    I absolutely love this guy right now!!

    We were all kinda of bashing him, and now we must find some dirty socks and stuff our mouths...

    This happens way too often with drafts, the guy we are all drooling over turns out to be a bum. The guy we were all hating on turns out to be a star. I really hope he continues to develop, he can be a real playmaker for us.

    I honestly thought he was strictly going to cover TEs. Turns out, he hits hards, he tackles well for a rookie, he doesn't 'avoid contact', and is actually looks to be an all around LB in this league.

    I like him blitzing on the outside obviously b/c of his speed and I like him blitzing from the inside b/c of his burst. Creeps up behind the D-line well, then when he sees a small hole, blazin 'burst' for a sack - i can really get used to that....

    A creative coordinator could really use him well. And yes its a shame he didn't start earlier, he could have easily been DROY had he been given the chances....

    Extra Note: To my knowledge, he doesn't commit penalties. That's also huge for us. Considering he's a Rook makes it even more impressive.
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    Brown is more talented than his draft position would indicate. He is not suited to the 3-4 and with so many teams jumping on the 3-4 bandwagon it meant many teams were not even looking at him. We benefitted from the popularity of the 3-4 in getting Brown in the second round. 12 years ago with all but a few teams were running the 4-3 Brown would be gone mid to late first round.
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    I admit that I was one of those that was hating on him bad after we drafted him but like most I am very impressed.
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    Brown was the top prospect on some boards early last season. We benefited from him mailing it in during his last season. I really feel like all the concerns were legit. He stepped up and has really taken to being a professional and deserves a lot of credit for that. He is my favorite player on the team right now and I look forward to seeing what he can do with a full off-season and season with the team.

    As far as DROY, I'm thinking Bobby Wagner of the Seahawks. Kuechly lead the league in tackles. Wagner, Kuechly, and David all had MONSTER seasons at LB.
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    Why the heck should Sherman be eligible? Might as well give DROY to Peyton Manning.
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    The LBs had a good year all things considered. Frank Bush deserves some credit.

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    Zach Browns 2 INT's for scores were great, but he also missed a bunch of tackles week-17.

    I don't mean to take away from those scores, but not making any tackles vs the jags and missing a lot of them? IDK how great he really is.

    He's certainly shown to be good, and a good pick, but his tackling still needs work.
  10. The Playmaker

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    definitely and that's where the "allergic to contact" remark came in.

    He has elite speed at his position, played well in coverage, even better off the blitz, and crazy athleticism. If we can get him to improve his tackling a bit we're looking at a pro bowl level player.