McNair calls first Ravens practice 'mind boggling'

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by flamehead2, Jun 14, 2006.

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    You said that eddie, wycheck and mason should get "sub votes" for the hall. I'm fine with that they are all near hall of famers. Very good players who were good for a decently long time. But none of them are all time greats at their positions and none of them will likely make the hall.

    Another thing is that except for one year, 2000 all three of those guys were not at the top of their game at the same time. We all know that after 2000 eddie was never the same and that was mason's first year as a starting WR. When mcnair won his MVP he did it in eddie's and wycheck's last nfl season when they obviously were not the same players they were in 98 or 99.

    What bothers me about the whole concept is that you think it is some unusual luxury for a good QB to have good people around him. Don't most top QBs have good players? Early in his career steve had wycheck and eddie in their prime. Later on he had mason making pro bowls, so? Manning had harrison and james. Trent green has great runningbacks and a hall of fame TE. Drew brees had the same. Culpepper had moss for years and mcnabb's best season came with TO.
    On balance i would rate mcnair's support as average thoughout his career. He had some good lines, a good RB, a good TE, a good FB in 99 and 2000 and for 4 years he had mason. There were times in his career when he had little at the WR position(97-98-05) and when he did have some good players there he won an MVP.
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    Mind boggling......maybe that is because he is actually ON the practice field for once. He's forgotten what practice is!
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    Mcnair, never a great practice player...

    The excuse for his poor pro bowl was that he hadn't picked up a football because of the pec injury. What is the excuse now? If mcnair wants to have some career left he better take some lessons from roger clemens who is always ready to play.
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    After looking how fast you so called fans have turned against him, I don't blame him or any other player for leaving. He would have been absolutely stupid to stay with the Titans. Take half the money and play for only one year and then we cut you or take twice the money, play for a team that has a better chance to win right now, and be the starter for as long as your able. The man's first practice for a new team, with new teammates, with new terminology was what. His first two weeks or so will be most likely. By the season he will be fine.

    Stop trying to make yourselves feel better by belittling a man that gave you everything he had. He's gone. Let him move on on hope Volek does well and Young progresses quickly.
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    please facts are facts no matter what he has done.

    He was 'belittled' last season when he didn't practise.
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    You face the facts, he would have been absolutely stupid to stay here.

    You fairweather fans only whine about the not practicing when they were losing. When he was barely practicing, playing hurt, and winning you called him heroic & MVP. They blew the team up the past two years. He played last year with a bunch of rookies feeling their way through and a so called #1 receiver who directly caused 4 of his interceptions by tipping balls that hit him in the hands directly in the air to defenders. And never did he complain.

    The facts are this...staying here would have been the dumbest thing he could have ever done, financially, career-wise, and healthwise. Like I said before, stop trying to make yourselves feel better by trying to turn McNair, who broke his body up for you for over a decade, into a villian for playing for another team to finish his career. Especially when the Titans made no real attempt to keep him, basically tell him take this paycut or leave it, and we will cut you next year. Another team says will give you a raise, doubling what the Titans would give, and you can play as long as your able. Simple mathematics. And I think it's just. He showed the Titans the same amount of loyalty they showed him. They said take it or leave it and he left it. Good for him.

    Good luck to Billy and Vince. It's their time.
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    Fan is short for fanatic which means extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm for a cause. Don't expect fans to follow reason when it interferes with the cause (the team).

    I'm a fan and I'm unapologetic about it and I think most of us here are. Right or wrong in anyone's opinion, this is not rocket science. Good for the Titans - yay. Bad for the Titans - boo. Not much else to talk about.
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    yeah, but if your a fan for something then u support it through thick and

    thin, and better or worse.
  10. Broken Record

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    Are you talking about supporting the team or the player? I always support the team, but I can turn on a player in an instant.
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