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    Sorry...I don't go into the stadium and sit in 30 degree weather to hope the team loses. I can do that from home. It's this mentality that results in all the moron Titan "fans" selling their seats to opposing fans.

    Nothing we need to fix this team to a point of being relevant next year comes out of the draft next year. Bud will have to be aggressive with some free agents and new coaches in order to fix this team.

    I am rooting for the win because I hate the Jags...and losing...more than the other options.
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    Look I love drinking but it is just too early to drunk post on GoTitans.
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    No, that's just an added bonus. The #1 priority right now is getting rid of Munch and his staff. He should be gone regardless of whether we win or lose to the Jags, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like Bud, Ruston, and Reinfeldt feel the same way. They're too busy playing footsies with Munch to see how bad of a HC he is. They're too worried about coming up with excuses and reasons to keep their buddy here. That's the problem with hiring inside the family. They should have seen this one coming. Munch had no business being a HC in the NFL to begin with. It sucks to think about it, but a win against a 2 win Jags team tomorrow could keep that bum here for another year and hold this team back for another year. I'm hoping for a blowout loss to the Jags. That's the best chance we have to ensure Munch is gone next week. It shouldn't have to be that way, buts that's just the way it is.
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    We do not need to lose for that to happen. This last game is just a play through. Guys are going to try not to get hurt just before the offseason. No one wants to spend the offseason rehabbing an injury they got in the last game. Everyone in the organization from Bud Adams to the towel boy knows this. This game will have little to no impact on the decision to keep or fire Munch. Might as well see the team win one against their biggest rival.
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    I don't want there to be anything for Munch to cling to, I.e. a division win, to help his case. I want the last impression of Munch to be another pathetic loss to another one of the worst teams in the league. I have a feeling that it is going to be a lot harder decision for Bud than it should be. a meaningless win here does nothing but give one more thing for munch to add to the list of pros to rattle off to Bud in that meeting next week. I want Munch out of here a lot more than I want a win against the Jags.
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    I'm not so sure that Ruston get's a pass. Our Secondary & O-line suck, sucked last year. What was the fix, signing Griff to an extension... Minor fix on o-line. Manning Mania or not, these players are bad and the F.O is not doing much....
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    I want Munch out too. But I do not trust these buffoons to choose a good replacement. At the rate we are going they will probably hire Chan Gaily after he is fired by the Bills.
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    Ruston doesn't believe in building the team through free agency. He just dumps all of the cap on our existing players so he doesn't have to spend much in FA. As much as I can't stand his free agency philosophies, he's good at drafting. He seems like he has a really good eye for talent, which is why I don't think he was 100% behind the Griffin and McCourty extensions. Griffin is Reinfeldt's boy. I have a little bit of confidence in Ruston that he knows what he is doing. Lord knows, no one else does. if we're going to be looking for another coach this off season I would rather Ruston have a say in it. I'm not at all confident in Reinfeldt and Bud picking our new HC.
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    Are you actually attending the game and wearing your two tone blue whatever and THEN cheering for the tarpkitties?

    or are you planning this Benedict Arnold strategy from the comfort of your home?

    Anyone going too the game wants too see the Titans play well and win
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    Webster is saying all he can to put in on Munchak. They ALL need to go, especially dumb and dumber Reinfeldt and Webster.
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