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    One thing I know for sure is that Eugene Amano sucks as a starting C. Hutchinson is said to be taking over Harris' side which leads me to believe that we will also have a new starting G and C. Even just moving Harris back to C is an improvement over Amano because we have at least seen him play the position. Amano was promoted to starting C without ever even playing the position before which made no f***ing sense at all.

    As I see it there are only 3 guys that should be assured staring OL jobs for us. Roos, Stewart and Hutchinson. Everyone else needs to earn their spot.
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    Me 2

    Yeah I would like to see him get a chance here he struggled last season but was very good before that. Fingers crossed a decent C gets cut during TC.
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    Im really hoping a solid vet (or better) gets cut and we can grab one to fill one spot. Then the best out of Harris, Velasco, Vlachos, Matthews, Durand and Amano can fight it out for one spot. And while Hutch has been a beast in the run game, he's old and I hope his pass blocking hasn't lost too much as we may need to rely on it more if we have to below avg players at the other OG and OC spots. (That's an IF!)

    I'd say Harris and Amano are gonna start out with the first team offense (perhaps as far as training camp) unless a vet gets picked up and until one of the others outplays one or both...which I see happening! All of our other OL not named Harris or Amano will be given every opportunity to win starting jobs!

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    Word today is, while Amano is recovering from surgery, Matthews is taking his reps. Harris and Velasco are working at guard.

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    It would be nice if the coaching staff told Amano his rehab was away from Baptist Sports Park, and give him directions to Utah or somewhere far far away.
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    I'm rooting for Velasco also. Anyone but Amano please.