Paul Kuharsky now Titan's only at ESPN

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Riverman, Aug 23, 2013.

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    Many of you may already know, but ESPN reduced PK's scope to only Titan's coverage. No longer all AFCS. He will continue in a capacity at ESPN writing a Titan's blog. Undoubtedly, he'll be checking in here more often to test the waters.

    Welcome back PK. I was hard on you many times. Most of the time you deserved it. Many times I was just being an azz because I can be good at that.

    You did a great job covering the AFCS. For what it's worth, I think ESPN has made a mistake by reducing your scope. Almost as big a mistake as they've made restricting on-line comments to come from FB accounts.
  2. Smash

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    I think they want each blogger to focus more on 1 team. They brought in that Ganguli-girl from the Houston Chronicle to cover the moo-moos.
    I don't think they have anyone covering the Jaguars, but that's no surprise.
  3. Tennessy XO

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    Bet PK is butthurt
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    He and Mark were expressing severe butthurt yesterday on 104.5 due to Coach Franklin not wanting to talk about the "new" allegations against their WR. Or rather, the impact on the team - which I swear I've heard talked about, you know, WHEN it happened a little while ago.

    They were going off on him about this, how he'd rather talk about the game next week rather than the incident. I get it to a point, but these guys were so irate about it, I was laughing my butt off! I wanted to call in with the "baby crying" sound effect so badly! Personally, I think the people most upset about this are the actual media people - I don't think many "normal" people care THAT much.

    Maybe yesterday was venting due to this change by ESPN...
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  5. Ten_Titans

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    Are you talking about Raperbilt?

    I don't see the issue. Teambuilding excercises these days are pretty extensive.
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  6. RTH

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    Actually, I'm referring to the new allegation - Boyd, I think - getting suspended due to receiving a text from the severe criminals and telling them to delete that crap. I guess they covered the rape stuff enough... I guess.
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    I'm looking forward to it. Like him or not, we should get more unbridled opinion on the Titans.
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    wait, isn't PK like a huge Titan hater?

    Oh well, should be good news for us.
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  9. mcmojo

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    This is just not PK's offseason: He gets dropped to only covering the Titans. Then the Titans close practices to the media for the first time in franchise history.
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  10. Ten_Titans

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    Not from what I remember from him. The other loser fans in our division were always on him for being a Titans homer.

    He just doesn't have very good insight. His pieces are usually opinionated and are not supported by much. That said, I usually agree with most of what he writes.
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