Rooting Against The Titans?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by dtm586, Nov 10, 2012.

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    The theme of this forum for the 2012 Titans season is 90% how bad the coordinators are. We all know this staff is clearly below average, inexperienced in some-levels and overall needs to be gutted.

    HC Mike Munchak needs to go back to coaching the O-line, something he seems more comfortable at.

    OC Palmer is an older, journey-man type of coordinator. Titans have been lacking a "young, mastermind type of OC coordinator for quite some-time - actually ever.

    DC Gray has failed at every phase this year and much like Munch, he should probably go back to what he has more experience in, JUST coaching the defensive-backs instead of overlooking the entire defense.

    Clearly, we are all Titan fans and are tired of the losing - and not just the losing but the way they lose. It's boarder-line embarrassing; this past week vs Chicago was the most embarrassing loss since the "Slaughter in the Snow" match @ New England.

    With all that being said, I am not rooting against the team but instead of everyone losing their minds, I think we should almost start to look toward 2013 with the hopes this team fails this year, gets a high draft pick and re-tolls most if not all of their entire coaching staff, fresh.

    Think about it, we all HATE the staff from top to the bottom. We don't really want them to succeed at this point, as bad as that sounds. If the team somehow starts to turn around, there's ALWAYS the chance that Bud won't be as harsh on them as he would if the Titans basically lose out.

    Every blow out game can only mean one step closer this staff is gutted from top to bottom, right? But every win comes to the notion that Bud may give Munchak the "Fisher" leverage and next thing you know Much is the Titans HC until 2018!

    The Philadelphia Eagles fired their DC already before mid-season who was not nearly as pathetic as our DC Gray has looked - yet Gray is still standing? I know he's only been the DC for a short-period of time but I am afraid that every win the Titans get - they are one step closer to retaining this staff for another year!?

    So do we root "AGAINST" this team? Or still hope for a turn-around and a positive finish heading into the 2013 season?
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    we're winning the super bowl
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    TitanJeff has been accepting fan cards all week. Please turn yours in.
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    Never root against your team.
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    That's how all titan fans should think but you'll still have someone say I'm just being a realist and them being a realist makes them more intelligent than everyone else
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    I've been a fan since 1995, i've just never seen an coaching staff so bad and poorly constructed that if by the Titans winning a few more cheap games means they get to save their jobs than I am torn. Turn in my fan card? Well then if that's what it takes but if they go on a run this year and the coaching staff is all retained or better yet extended, then I don't want to see anymore "our coaching staff SUCKS" threads because we will be stuck with them.
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    Uh-oh what? I'm not scared of what some of these others are going to say. They are the same ones who will compalin and b---- after the Titans lay an egg tomorrow. It's a free country - we all can vent, I am just choosing to vent now before there are 92 posts at 12:04 pm Sunday about how BAD the Titans are and how they cant tackle or coach - we all know its coming. So save your uh-ohs for tomorrow. (there will be ample opportunities for ya'll).
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    Instilling a losing culture doesn't improve anything. Ask the Browns.
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    Yeah that's true. But at least they can grab top 5 picks every year. NOT saying that has worked out well - but how is finishing 8-8 nearly every year always being in the middle of the pack, not normally great and not normally awful. Always a mid-level team who does just enough not to get a high draft pick (Luck for example) and does just as little to not make or go deep into the playoffs - same old story.