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  1. Ensconatus

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    Peppers would end up playing the same role as Cyp is going to for us. No thanks
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  2. The Hammer

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    Who and why would then want to?
  3. TitansAC4

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    Peppers would make no sense at all.
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  4. Big Time Titan

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    Can Peppers playing LB?
  5. Tricky

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    Not as well as Foster, Reddick, or Cunningham.
  6. Gut

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    The problem for Peppers is he has no real defined role yet. So the question he gonna be just a tease as a S/nickel player and never be the guy you hope he could be (Polamolu-esque)? Or will he become a great player once he has a defined role and develops in the NFL.

    Currently, you're right. He'd play the same part as Cyprien (except he'd also be a great PR). The difference is Peppers has more upside in coverage, a better athlete and faster. The problem is, if his coverage skills don't evolve, he will simply be a faster version of Cyprien who also returns kicks. Not exactly what you'd want in a 1st round pick.

    So Peppers is definitely a boom or bust prospect depending on how high you draft him and what you're drafting him to do. Jags took Cyprien at pick 33. I think everyone understands that THAT was a mistake. But that is the type of gamble someone is going to make on Peppers. Problem is, he is a much better athlete so the HOPE will be he can become a lot more which leads to people reaching for him. Adoree Jackson will probably be overdrafted as well based more on upside than his current ability to play CB. Both will have a Devin Hester-ish cloud over them until they can prove to be more than just great return men in the NFL.

    Personally, I'm not advocating for Peppers in round 1. If you believe in him, you don't take him earlier than round 2. But there is a good chance a team will draft him in round 1 believing he can play an in the box S role...especially in nickel, get a great returner while they develop him for fulltime play and expecting the end result will be Polamalu with return skills.

    But if you want Peppers, tell me why he's better than Budda Baker who already does all of that? The only problem with Baker is his size. He's very good in all aspects but he won't be able to cover a Gronk as he is short with short arms and under 200lbs. But Baker can cover and play the run and has very good instincts all around. Point is, where do you take Baker? Most teams would rather have a great player with known deficiencies they can scheme around than swing for the fences and might be left with a sub package specialist who's great a special teams but is not a starter on your D.
  7. Gut

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    Not in our system. He needs to be a run and chase defender who doesn't need to take anyone big on. Ideally that means as an in the box SS (the extra defender) or as a 4-3 Will. Our OLB's need to be big (250lbs is smallish for 3-4 olb) and Peppers is 213lbs. Our ILB's will have to take on OG's and Peppers will be engulfed unless you can scheme him to be protected with fronts.

    The best comparison for what you are thinking (I think) is Deone Buccanon on the Cards. While he was just as light as Peppers coming out, he's at least 6'1 with 32 1/2" arms. Peppers is 5'11" with less than 31" arms.

    While he might have a faster 40, you'd be hard pressed to find a reason to draft him in the first 2 rounds at LB vs the other really good LB's in this draft.
  8. Fry

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    Just wait until next year and take Derwin James.
  9. Ensconatus

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    I don't actually trust his "upside" in coverage so I'm looking at his floor and not seeing a first round pick. Just that simple. The hype doesn't fit the prospect. Polomalu comparison upside is even disrespectful to polomalu imo. Peppers has 1.... count em... ONE pick in his college career and it was off a tipped pass. I'm far from expecting that to magically change at the next level.

    His character and competitiveness might be special... but his play isn't.
  10. The Hammer

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    Polomalu was a very polished SS coming out of USC. It is a poor comparison. Better comparison might is probably Brian Urlacher or Adam Archuleta, college athlete SS types. Or maybe Marc Barron.