Starcraft...A video game epiphany!

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by RollTide, Aug 13, 2015.

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    I didn't say best games i said most popular. Starcraft is the best game.
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    How they botched that one up after Warcraft III which did a lot of thing right, I'll never understand.
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    Starcraft 2 is irritating that way in how you set games up. You don't give a game a name or description. The name of the game is the map and the description is game type(Melee, coop etc), how many players and in AI games how difficult.

    Passwords are not needed because games are not public until you make them and you can just invite friends only.

    As for community there are groups and clubs you can join but i did like the Klans in CnC games better.

    Also many 4 player maps are not really different from 1v1 maps. Your buddy is starting on a base that would have been your natural expansion and vice versa so you have to work together to get more resources further away.

    The new Archon mode coming in Legacy of the void looks sick. 2 players commanding one team, one army. Massive possibilities for esports there.
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    omg...yall really talked bout starcraft for 5 pages
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    Significant changes made in StarCraft 2 with the 3.0 patch. This is to ready the incorporation of Legacy of the void and some Legacy changes are already available to those who don't have the beta. Archon mode is now available for example. Also the mini campaign to tie the stories together is now also free and I have finished that.

    It is more community friendly and the open games page is better.
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    The return of the Carrier!

    One of the disappointments of StarCraft 2 for protoss players is the lack of use of the carrier unit. I have watched dozens of protoss games on youtube from the best protoss players on earth and nobody uses carriers ever.

    What s the carrier? It is a large blimp like thing that holds small planes called interceptors. In StarCraft 1 you could make 5 of them but with an upgrade in the fleet beacon you could make as many as 10. So if you had 10 carriers that means you would launch 100 of these small planes attacking land and air targets. The carriers in SC2 are not that different but you max out at 8 and units on the ground are more adept at shooting the carrier itself not just the little planes.

    Also the new air units in SC2 the void ray and tempest are so good you did not need the carrier. Everybody just makes them.

    With legacy Tempests are less effective because they can no longer shoot at air units. Now the tempest will be like a bomber plane that shots land targets. Carriers were made more effective because now you can have them further away from the targets the interceptors are attacking. This makes tempests less attractive and carriers more attractive so hopefully more carriers will be used in competition though the void ray will always be the bread and butter air unit.
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    No, half the posts are about other strategy games. I'm the one mainly talking about the greatest game on earth.

    Why not talk about the worlds greatest game that can be played on a windows pc or mac? People will talk endlessly about Halo a console game not even available on the play station.

    SC2 can be played for free and the full game is just $20.
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    I can't imagine the last time anyone talked endlessly about Halo.
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    Blizzcon starts at 7 pm sunday. The starcraft 2 world championships. The top 16 players in the world in a single elimination tourney.

    Like ncaa basketball the matchups are based on rank. 1 plays 16, 2 plays 15 etc. Unlike ncaa basketball any player can win. Life went in as the 14th ranked player last year and won it all. He played the championship match against the 9th ranked player.

    I'm predicting that the winner of Innovation(5) and Zest(12) will go on to win it all. Zest is my favorite player so i'm going with him.

    You have to be good against protoss players. 7 of the 16 players are protoss and most of them are elite.