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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. TitanJeff

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    I think the Jags and Lions have laid out the offensive game plan for Sunday. Spread it out and throw the football. Run enough to keep the defense honest.

    The Jags hung 378 passing yards and the Lions 441 on the Texans the last two game along with 30+ points each. I think it means Locker has to play better than he has the last two weeks so let's hope the simplification of the offense by Loggains pays off quickly.

    CJ had a solid game rushing in the first matchup so I do think the Titans will want to take some pressure off Locker (and keep Schaub on the sidelines) by staying balanced on offense. CJ may have as much impact if he can help keep Watt off Locker. I expect the Texans will throw a lot of blitzes at Locker and disguise their defense just to try and confuse him.

    My main concern is the Titans defense. In their first meeting, the Titans allowed less than 300 yards to the Texans mainly because the Houston D got turnovers and had a short field. When they had to drive the field, as they did in their first possession, they did it with ease. In the second half, they went conservative and took care of the football.

    The Titans will likely pull back the safeties in order to minimize Andre Johnson which means a lot of quick routes and room for Foster if the Titans LBs don't take care of business. Let' hope McCarthy can go. The entire defense has to tackle well.

    The Titans killed themselves in their first matchup by turning over the football. Losing the turnover battle simply can't happen in the game and the Titans have a chance to win. The Titans will need to do something special early to gain some confidence and keep the fans in this game. Getting an early lead would set the tone.

    If a "gut feeling" means anything, I think the Titans will keep this one close and pull out a win.

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  2. Preditan

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    Not many people expect the Titans to win, which means we will probably somehow escape with a win. Seems like a perfect trap game. Anxious to see how the offense performs after Palmer's firing.

    Referee is Tony Corrente

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  4. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Texans 31
    Titans 17

    ... If we're lucky.

    JCBRAVE Wake up and die right Tip Jar Donor

    If I'm the coaches I give Locker the green light to win this game (if he can), and to turn to C.J. for a little for support.

    I don't think we should lean on C.J. to win us this game, we know what he can do, now it's Locker's chance to show his value and if he's worth anything.

    I like Locker, he was who I wanted us to draft, but things aren't going according to plan around here. We weren't suppose to be 4-7.

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    We have nothing to play for, so we could be dangerous, but these remaining games are tests in my eyes. Let's see who passes and who should go.
  7. Thaddeus43

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    Titans get a big victory. A couple other teams in the AFC lose, and next week we are starting the playoff talks again. Then we lose the following week and everyone says we suck again ... at least that seems to be the trend so far.
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    I'd be shocked if we somehow made the playoffs, shocked.
  9. xpmar9x

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    Texans: 34
    Titans: 20
  10. Thaddeus43

    Thaddeus43 Pro Bowler

    I wasn't saying that we would, just that if we were to win this week and a couple other things were to happen people would start talking about it again.

    I don't expect it in the least this year either.