The colts 9-4 with mirrors...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RollTide, Dec 13, 2012.

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    cause the other 31 teams and all 53 of their players and their entire staffs, front offices and owners all completly and totally suck and so do their fans and their 'not Nashville' cities.
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    They gave up 59 points to the pats. All their wins except one were by 3-4 points. The only team they beat by any margin was Jacksonville but previously they lost to Jacksonville.

    They caught the packers when they were not playing as well and beat the Lions by 2 points. Sorry i'm not impressed. We blew both games against them.

    Next year they won't have the same good fortune, the same unifying emotions of a sick coach. Freeney will be gone, Wayne will be 35, Mathis will be 32.

    Luck has the same stats as Jake Locker.
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    Riverman and others totally misrepresent the entire point of my post. In no way have i ever used this as an excuse for the titans failures. If anything it is an indictment against our team for losing 2 games to these bozos.

    You people act as if you have been watching sports for 2 years. So every team that makes the post season is a well oiled powerhouse? Never does a team have that kind of year where everything seems to go right? Teams have bad years where they lose most of their close games so why not the other way around?

    Soxcat says this is a "well run organization". Really? The GM has not even completed his first year on the job and he is elite? Luck has the same stats as Jake Locker. You saw him basically hand off a TD to our aging linebacker. What a genius! 18 ints genius!

    There has never been an nfl team that was 11-5 one season and 5-11 the next? Never happened?
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    The 2010 Kansas City Chiefs! 10-6, great coach! Great organization!

    A stud running game, good defense and a QB who never turns the ball over. Yes an emerging powerhouse. Todd Haley brilliant head coach! Scott Pioli brilliant GM!

    They have won 9 games since. 2-11 this year.

    So somebody arguing that the Chiefs were mere pretenders 2 years ago would have been stupid? Sour grapes? How dare you question success!

    There are teams like this all the time in all of the team sports! You know that if you are over 18 years old!

    Soxcat would have called the 1989 cubs a stud team with a first class organization. How did that one work out?
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    flaming fking flamingo
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    Colts rooke QB is leading game winning scores. Good for confidence in early development. We also have a moronic FO and average at best coaching staff.

    9-4 is completely different than 9-7. Come on be real. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying I don't give a chit about the Colts. My point is that we are behind/stalled in our "re-build". It's not "luck" the Colts are further along as some suggest their recent success indicates. Good for them. It appears to be they are following a better template than we have in place.

    Going 9-7 albeit an easier schedule would suggest we were heading in the right direction IF our rookie QB had been leading our offense. But we've gone backwards in EVERY phase, even when our "franchise prospect" has been in the game.

    It's useful to reference the Colts to assess where we are versus we should be and how a rebuild CAN achieve success quickly. It's simply "rationalization" to diminish what te colts are doing this year.
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    I think I get what you are saying and I don't think I've misrepresented YOUR point(s). I have stated my opinion that it comes off as sour grapes to dissect and diminish their recent success. Give them props and then forget about them. Better to focus on our own Re-build. If we were in their position at 9-4 nobody here would be dissecting and diminishing how WE achieved that record.
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    Oh captain, my captain.
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    Oh I am pretty sure we would have a few here doing just that.
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    What do yal expect? Andrew "Andre The Giant" LUCK.