Thoughts on Locker this year.

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    I was reading an article called:

    Quarterback Development: When Practice Reports Are Useless.

    "However, I think Brady’s quote at the top of this piece indicates something that perhaps even Brady hadn’t thought about when he said the things that Brown analyzed in the past. Brady is willing to take risks to fail. Test every angle. Take note of each failure and look for what he can and can’t do with a play call, a defense, a formation, and a passing window.

    The first-day quarterback prospects that we’ve seen fail miserably are the ones that have lost their capacity to embrace risk. Trent Edwards, John Beck, and David Carr were all confident pocket passers willing to throw the ball down field and into tight windows as college passers and even early in their pro careers. Somewhere along the way, they had this willingness to embrace risk beaten out of them by opposing defenses and/or coaches. They lost the will to continue failing until they experienced success.

    Most practice reports that feature quarterback work are analysis of completions, interceptions, touchdowns, and quality of a throw. When we learn about development, it’s generally in vague terms:"

    This made me instantly think of locker. He has continued to throw risky balls regardless and in this train of thought... That's probably the best thing for him as a young QB.

    We can all have our different opinion on the guy, and many people here have been struggling about his 10/17 completions in the last practice. So lets bring it up, does the camp numbers still scare you or do you think it's a matter of learning still?
  2. Deuce Wayne

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    The camp numbers are what I expect. Just as his completion % was what I expected last season after seeing him in college.

    He's Jake Locker. 10/17 is about as good as he gets.
  3. Arcane

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    Locker is a tough guy with good intentions. He can run well, he keeps the defense honest with his ability to run. However, he cannot throw well. He is no Tom Brady or Drew Breeze.

    His passes almost always are thrown HIGH. He tries to get our receivers killed over the middle. I can't blame a receiver for not jumping up 3 feet in the air to try to catch a pass they know they will be killed on.

    Watch him this year and see how often he throws passes way over the heads of the receivers.

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    Thats not that bad actually.
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    I know a number of Bills fans that would have something to add here. The nickname they had for Trent Edwards was "Check-down Trent." And they blame most of it on then head coach Dick "It's okay to punt" Jauron. A head coach who made Jeff Fisher look like Mike Martz.
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    So you agree it's a plus to see locker still slinging it even after some rough games.
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    For sure! Especially given Locker's skill set. If Locker is going to be successful it will be as a gunslinger type of QB like Bret Favre, John Elway, Joe Namath. Not as a precision guy like Joe Montana, Philip Rivers, Drew Brees.
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    Locker will look just like he did last year. He may have a few more good plays if he plays more games and not get injured. But Blaine Bishop said on 3 Hour Lunch for example, that Locker was running plays that require quick perfect placed throws and he was throwing the ball at their feet killing the play.

    Hunter and Wright are having to jump way high to grab the balls. Locker wont be ready.
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    Forgot to mention Locker is also having a lot of ball batted down in camp just like he did last season. He needs to get with Brees and see what he does to avoid that.
  10. corymiller

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    I'll take a 58% completion percentage with Locker and won't look back.