Titans are the real rising superpower in the AFC

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Childress79, May 4, 2007.

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    I agree we have poor defense and our offense is less than perfect by a long shot. But you have to remember, the eagles were in good shape when we played them, mcnabb went down in the 2nd quarter. we beat the superbowl champions, we held our own against baltimore(we should've won that game) and we beat the jaguars without scoring one offensive touchdown. I see what you're saying, but i don't think we're nearly as bad as you made it sound like
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    We added a two-gap defender to the DL and a run-stuffing MLB in FA, not to mention a pass-rush specialist as well as added two new players to the secondary. That's five new players. Jones will be missed, but I'd be willing to bet (kind of an easy bet) that our defense, even without Jones, improves from last year. Add to that, we have Fuller, Lowry, Finnegan, Tulloch and Mahelona ready to contribute more.

    I wouldn't call it a rebuilding year per se, but I would call it a critical development year. We need players to take the anticipated steps toward improvement.
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    I think the best part of this article was the mention that Jessica Alba is hangin' over here in the 808 :brow: Maybe she'll turn up at one of my social gatherings.
    Hey, it could happen...Christian Slater was here last week.
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    That sounds eminently sane to me.
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    do you even know how to use it?
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    use what???? get crazy? what kinda thread is this??
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    A very pathetic one that needs to stop going off topic
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    Yeah, well, the keyword is "new"....it takes a while for a team to develop chemistry, and that's why I said this is a rebuilding year. While I would love to go right to the Superbowl, I feel at least we have some sense of direction, and are building a team like we used to have.....it's just hard to be patient after so many losing seasons. I guess we got spoiled early on. If VY stays healthy, we could have a nice 5 year run (or more).
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