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    Almost every single statement you just made is wrong. It actually kind of seems like you are are trying to craft a brilliantly satirical post, but I'm familiar enough with your history around here that I know you actually believe this stuff and satire isn't really your thing.

    First, let's look at the issue of balance and flow. The Jaguars uniforms have neither. The home uniform is heavy on teal, whereas the road uniform has almost no visible teal at all:


    The striping pattern doesn't even work as it was designed, which is completely ridiculous for a professional football team and embarrassing for whoever designed these uniforms. The stripes are supposed to run under the players' arms like you see here:


    Unfortunately, for half the players on the team the stripes get cut off in the armpits and start up again below the armpits:


    Also, the stripes are so thin that they are extremely difficult to see on television or from the stands. That's not a clean uniform design; that's a stupid uniform design.

    [Gotta split this into 2 posts since I am posting too many images]
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    The helmets are black with a metallic teal shine to them (which is cool), but the pants are a completely dull, flat black. Again, no balance whatsoever:


    The number font is the ugliest in the NFL. It's trying to be a crappier version of the Patriots' font, but with weird line weights and unappealing angles for some reason. When it gets crumpled and bent a bit on a player's jersey, it looks awful:


    As for your claim that the uniforms are "tighter," I can't tell if you are using slang or you actually think they fit the players' bodies more closely. Obviously the latter would be a ridiculous point and every team in the NFL can control how tight their jerseys are. Uniform managers can make alterations.

    So, to sum it all up, you are not right about the Jaguars uniforms being better than the Titans. They are the worst in the NFL.
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    Toronto, I respect the obvious thought that you've put into all of this, but I seem to hate absolutely everything you like...

    The combo that you had in your sig for a long time with the white pants was my all-time least favorite combo.
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    TorontoTitan you make some good points but..

    -yes, they are balanced. They keep 3 primary colors and they keep them in 3 different places. Albeit their colors are ugly, but they use them well and it flows especially on the away uniforms. Why do you think the majority likes our away uniforms best? It's because they are then only ones with any sort of balance and flow. 3 colors in 4 places is way to much to be going on in a uniform.

    -I'm not going to criticize them for the striping. That's a uniform malfunction. When it works properly they look so much better than the shoulder yoke or whatever it's called. And I've never had a problem seeing their striping from television, it's pretty bold and distinct.

    -The number font is the ugliest in the NFL? Have you seen our number font? And you want to switch it back to the AFL Oilers font? Our numbers make us look like we're some kind of space ranger football team.


    They're overdramatic and ugly. But I wouldn't be totally against losing them if we could make them smaller and take away the shoulder yoke. Look at how Arizona pulled them off.


    -Titans fans are in NO position to critique other people's helmet/pants color variation. Our helmet isn't even the same shade of white as our jersey and pants. That's embarrassing for whoever designed THESE uniforms. And I really don't notice any difference in the black. I think because of the material the sun alters the color by design but I can't criticize that because pants aren't the same material.

    -Lastly, you can't tell me some teams don't have tighter/better fitting uniforms than other teams. Jared Cook arguably rocks his jersey the tightest on our team and look how baggy that is:


    Now look at a team like the Giants or Jaguars who have some of the best fitting jerseys in the NFL. In some cases its not much of a difference, but overall their jerseys are much more tight fitted which is a better look nowadays.

    The Titans uniforms were cool 10 years ago, when they were actually modern. Now they are just tacky. It's time for a change IMO and the unifan concept posted earlier looks amazing IMO.
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    The Giants uniform looks like he would need help getting it on and off. The titans one is clearly a looser fit.
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    The Titans uniforms are definitely unbalanced (mainly the home) and have a horrible number font. You are absolutely right on both counts.

    However, that doesn't make the Jaguars uniforms any better. They are awful.

    Regarding the tight jerseys, that is a specific cut and fabric that Reebok manufactures. It's up to each team if they want to use it. You can blame the Titans' equipment managers for that one. It has nothing to do with uniform design, though.
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    Hmm??? We as fans of the Titans cannot critique other teams' jerseys, just because YOU think our jerseys and color coordination sucks?

    And if it were true that we have no right to critique other jerseys, then why are you??? By your statements and actions, you are not a Titans fan.

    Finish your education son.

    Edit: did he really complain about the fit of the jerseys?? How tight/loose fitting or baggy? Wow...maybe I should just block the kid that way he won't keep lowering himself on the totem pole.
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    why are we not allowed? who made you in charge? i dont know what little world you live in but this is an internet forum, we're allowed to voice our opinion... just because you dont agree with 90% doesnt give you the right to tell the rest of the board what to do...
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    Reebok isn't half as innovative as Nike, and doesn't have near the creative team.

    Yep, it'll be up the the owners.

    If you can name me one owner that wont sell his soul for more money, maybe then we'll find one that wont change their uniforms at the hands of Nike's persuasion.
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