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    So, looks like the new Transformers 4 Trailer will air during the Super Bowl.

    I posted this so we could talk about what might be in store for this 4th Transformers movie. I grew up a HUGE Transformers fan. And while I know many people will say these movies are piles of crap. I enjoy them from the childhood aspect. And enjoy watching them for the Transformers themselves. I was disappointed in the 2nd and 3rd movie as they didnt really introduce any new characters I enjoyed in the past. BUT from what I have read. This 4th movie is supposed to be completely different. So much of the movie has been kept secret that no one really know what the story or plot is gonna be about. BUT, this is what we do know.

    First I know that it has been confirmed previously and in that article above that the Dinobots will finally be in this movie HUGE! The trailer itself is supposed to show this. I am really excited to see how they make them look as for the most part all the Transformers in these past 3 movies both Autobot and Decepticon were all vehicles (cars, trucks, planes, or helicoptors). Dinobots would clearly be something fresh and new for the franchise.

    Next, the above link talks about the rumor that Galvatron might be in this new movie. Right now, we have NO idea who the bad guy would be. If you do a Google search the past years about this new movie, you might see the original movie Title was called "Transformers 4: Rise of Galvatron" which clearly means the writers at the time had Galvatron in mind. AND if all that wasnt enough for you, that video link about as well as other print articles state that Hasbro is releases a movie Toy of Galvatron.

    Finally, if you know anything about the story of Transformers from watching the old cartoons or the old full length movie. You know that if Galvatron is indeed in this new movie. He was created by the largest most powerful Transformer ever named Unicron. For those that are clueless, Unicron was a HUGE Planet size Transformer who literally ate other planets. He was so powerful, he could create and change the existing Transfromers which is how he created Galvatron. As a huge fan, I would be BLOWN away if they truly did a story with a live action Unicron. PLUS, if they did somehow make a Toy out of him (something they never did in the '80s). It would be the greatest toy ever made since the USS Flag Aircraft Carrier from GI Joe.

    What do you guys think? Are any of you looking forward to this depsite it still being made by Michael Bay?
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    Marky Mark is about to save the Transformers race. But for real, i'm excited. I didn't get alot of transformers growing up.. wasn't really my era. I've enjoyed all the movies. I'm a pretty easy guy to please while watching a movie, you just got to blow something up... so Michael Bay is pretty much perfect. Plus, I'm a big fan of Mark Wahlberg. Not much is better than one of my favorite actors + transforming robots + explosions.
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    I know there are going to be explosions. What Mike Bay movie doesnt have any? I wanted to see if there were any true "fans" of Transformers who are excited about seeing the new characters.
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    They killed my favorite Transformer from my childhood in the last one in the most disrespectful way and raped my 2nd favorite by changing everything about him.

    No thank you.
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    Transformers has run its course. I really like Transformers, but the 2nd movie was the last one that was remotely any good.
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    How are you going to kill StarScream?

    Why even tease the addition of Mirage in the third and make him a Ferrari with an inexplicably random Italian accent. Also let's call him something else, put him on screen for 30 secs and not show him use his cool power.
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    They've made four of these movies?
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    racist as **** is what they are

    can't see anything going on during the fight scenes

    cheesy masturbation jokes

    Shia Lebeouf needs to take a shower