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    I'm a OSU fan but troy smith is 6'0 tall with a gun...............VY is a gifted man 6'5 and faster with a gun......................remember this is his ROOKIE year..............what would of happened to steve his first year??????????????????????????????????????
  2. Troy Smith got schooled by Vince Young in the horsesheeet last year, enuf said.
  3. And he sucks.
  4. Troy Smith sucked in the second half. Were you watching the same game that I was watching? If it wasn't for that stupid late hit that kept the drive alive for OSU, you'd be singing a different tune right now.
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    Wallace doesn't suck. He is a decent NFL backup. He stepped in when they needed him and won some games. His passing rating(76) with 8 TDs and 7 ints is acceptable for a backup and he did get some first downs with his legs. If kerry collins played that well we would be 5-5 now..

    Your analysis about troy smith's second half is lame. His team put up over 40 points on michigan. What else is he supposed to do play defense also? His total game stats were outstanding and that is what counts. 4 tds with 1 int and a 75% comp rate is outstanding for anyone in any league..
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    For some reason I expect Troy Smith to follow the Vince Young route to the NFL. Right now he's expected to be a 3rd or 4th rounder, like Vince was last year. So I expect Troy to single-handedly win the National Championship and vault himself into the top 5.

    I know, unlikely. But who expected Vince to do it last year?
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    Time to delete this thread!
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    About 1 million Texas Longhorn fans! ;)

    I watched VY for 3 years at Texas, saw the tOSU game last year on TV & went to the one here in Austin this year. Troy had a great game this year against us & I hope they win it all. He seems like a really good kid. However, Vince takes the game to another level not many know how to. IMHO it's not fair to Troy to compare the two. I just wish we got more Titan games on TV here in Austin. Instead we get the daym Texans! :irked: HOOKEM TITANS!
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    What do you mean Michigan played bad on defense? You didn't like the playcalling or what?

    Turf is an insignificant argument as everyone plays on grass and turf.

    How many QB's threw for 315yds a 75% completion rate and 4 TD's against Michigan this year? If it was a pedestrian outting, MOST QB's should come out with those numbers, right?

    Lastly, your argument was that Troy Smith didn't have a good performance and Henne has nothing to do with that. If you want to talk about which QB you think is better, that is a seperate issue.

    BUT you did say Smith's numbers were 'slightly' better?

    I'd say 75% complete for 316 and 4 TD's vs 1 INT is significantly better than 60% complete for 268yds and 2 TD's. Plus, remember that Troy Smith did that building a lead whereas Henne got some help from the D playing back towards the end. Smith's performance is significantly better...even if you ONLY go by the stats.

    And I'M a MICHIGAN FAN!!!

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    They're adding more like half an inch. He's a little over 6' according to my info. Brees is what you'd hope he'd turn into if you drafted him. Of course, there aren't too many successful 6' NFL qb's, but Brees is one.

    I think he'll be drafted no lower than 2nd rnd right now and more likely, rnd 1 based on his performance against Michigan but a lot depends on his title game.

    Statistically, you're probably right....but he could be another Brees. He could also be another Akili Smith.

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