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    Let's stop and think about this and realize the 3-4 sucks, DLB defense has always been a liability. Every game I watch its always frustrating seeing our corners give huge 8+ yard cushions even on a 3rd and 1. We have talent on both sides of the ball here, this coaching staff is the weak link. McCourty leaves and becomes successful sucks. Good for him but would he have been better here under a better DC? Probably.
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    Its not about the 3-4. Its all about LeBeau.
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    guys.... its a Titan thing...

    fishface did the same with WIlliams & derSchwartzie...

    it has been frustrating as hades since like 2004 or something
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    I've said this before. 4-5 different DCs and it always seems to be the same. Play 10 yards off the WR and hope like hell to make the tackle (which in recent years they can't tackle either)

    It's like on the contract to be the Titans DC, there's a clause that you must make your CBs stay away from WRs until they catch the ball.
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