What good is a ticked off Billy Volek?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titanium, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. GoT

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    I agree completly, although I think McNair was complicete (sp) in his own departure.
  2. GLinks

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    Where did Fisher say he was pulling Pillar?
  3. GLinks

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    Here's what I read about Collins.


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    "I guess we can let the info out that Collins rented a house in Forest Hills 3 months ago, so maybe this was in the works a while back.. "


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    "And for those non believers...............Nash told me this by PM three months ago and I did confirm its truth.............I was told to read nothing into it.................."
  4. Canadian Titan

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    I can see Volek as the MVP of the CFL,
    I can totally see it! :lol:
  5. EZpickin

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    Your wrong, IMO if BV had a little bit of time in the pocket, he'd be putting together successful drives, BV Is NOT a mobile QB, he's a pocket passer, and is pretty accurate given the time to look off a few DBs.. I agree with Bipolar I really thought or at least wanted BV to come in and kick *** and get his stock up to move on when Vince took over, he's been a loyal Backup to this organization, he's stayed when he's had oppertunities to bolt.. he's served his time and I hate to see it go like this.. Protect Volek and let him do what HE'S GOOD AT not what #9 and Vince do so well... thats not his style of play.. now instead of trying to protect our QB we bring in (vomiting in my mouth) Collins and figuring well who ever can take the most punishment and complete some passes wins... It sucks, it's a bad way to treat our guys.. and it's becoming more obvious every year.. I wonder if the competition will make one rise to the occasion... either way, no matter what the FO says, it's panic mode...
  6. Soxcat

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    I feel for Volek but it appears he has been given every opportunity to prove himself and the coaches are simply not satisfied. I agree that the lack of a running game and terrible blocking by the OL didn't help the situation but the coaches should know if Volek was making the right reads and missing open WRs. Collins might not be an upgrade but he is worth a shot IMO. Anything we get for Volek now will be a present.
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