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    I was watching tape from last year and I had let myself forgot how good Werner was last season. he had 13 sacks even though he was constantly doubled teamed.While he may not have this amazing athletic upside that Ansah or Mingo have I think he will have a good NFL career. He reminds me a lot of KVB and Michael Bennett.
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    Tier 1 - Chance/Cooper
    That's right, safest and boring pick is what I'd prefer most this year. These guys seem like slam dunks and I would like to give Locker (or the guy we draft / pick up next year) no excuses.

    Tier 2 - Ziggy
    That's right, if we ain't going safest, gamble it all. AFRICA STRONG BAYBE!! Teach him up and he could be a great player for years to come....

    Tier 3 - Star

    Dee - He might be ahead of Ziggy, but no way he lasts to us....
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    Wow, I did not notice slay was that big... I thought he was 5'10 smaller cat for some reason. I remember watching him but never thought he was that tall. He would definitely be my second round pick then.
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    Finnebosch I am vengeance.

    It surprised me as well. He was listed at 6'1 at FSU but I thought he would be like 5'10 but he was measured 6'0 and some change. My favorite thing about him (other then his length and speed) is that he has good hips.
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    Yea he looked smooth in transition at the combine work out.
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    I think we all agree that pass rush was a major issue last year. Everyone talks about taking a pass rusher and always immediately starts naming tight ends. But do you guys remember how much pass rush Albert got in 2008 when he was playing out of his mind? To me, if you can get someone at DT like Star L., that can wreak that same type of havoc in the middle will make everyone on defense look like they're playing better (heck, Michael Griffin made the pro-bowl that year!). It will cause our DE's like Morgan & Wimbley to get more sack because opposing QBs won't be able to step up into the pocket, it will cause the QBs to get rid of the ball sooner and result in more INT's, and it would also help in the run game because he's a great run stuffer. If Star is there to me it's a no brainer. A day 1 impact guy.

    My question to my fellow Titans fans is this (and I want a serious answer), if Star is there what are the chances they take him? Any chance at all they pass on him if he's there?
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    I'm unsure they really feel that a top DT can turn around the secondary. I believe they are holding hope for who we have along with the FA pickup. To me this leaves two areas of main concern. CB and OG.

    Milliner is simply our dream pick. Warmack or cooper are our fallback.

    I would be crazy interested at getting Star in the first and Slay in the second tho. Big ups for our D right there.
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    Fluker is a dark horse pick for us I think. He has the frame to play RT. Both Roos and Stewart can void their contracts next yr if they want. Both are due around 6.5mil in 2014. It would be prudent for the Titans to be looking to the future and you don't want to have to replace both OTs in a single year. Fluker, Long, Thomas, and Winter are guys that could play OT/OG.
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    At pick ten I'm hoping for a CB (Milliner, Hayden), DE (Ansah, Jordan, Werner), OT (if one of the big three fall)... or just grab Cooper/Warmack.

    NO DT... I'd honestly rather they grab a WR or Eifert.